Special Needs

Healthy cats with daily medication requirements can now stay at home. Cat's Whiskers offers to medicate your cat according to your instructions. You can customise the number of visits to your cat's needs.

Cat's Whiskers asks that your cat has had a recent physical examination done by your veterinarian prior to your departure. Please inform the veterinarian that a cat sitter will be looking after your cat while you are away. Depending on the condition for which your cat needs medication it is highly recommended that you arrange with them an authorisation for them to treat your cat in case of emergency.

Cat's Whiskers offers;

  • pill administration ( must be under vet. care)
  • Subcutaneous fluid administration ( must be under vet. care)
  • insulin injections ( must be under vet. care)

These services will be charged on top of the cat sitting fee charged at each visit. For cost of the services please contact us.